Our Officers


The following people have been elected to their positions for 2016 by the general membership of Levittown R/C Aerobugs.  Please feel free to contact any of our officers for more information regarding our club or activities.

We look forward to seeing you at the field or at our monthly club meetings.  For more information on meeting dates, times and the location, please use the navigation on the left side of this page.

Position  Name  Home Phone  E-Mail
 Club President  Mike Mooney  215-295-1531  gro.s1516552285gubor1516552285eAnwo1516552285ttive1516552285L@yen1516552285oomm1516552285
 Vice-President  Ben Brockway  609-801-9180  gro.s1516552285gubor1516552285eAnwo1516552285ttive1516552285L@yaw1516552285kcorb1516552285b1516552285
 Treasurer / Instructor
 Dave Stewart
 215-639-6243  gro.s1516552285gubor1516552285eAnwo1516552285ttive1516552285L@tra1516552285wetsd1516552285
 Secretary / Webmaster John Ahrens
 609-864-5672 gro.s1516552285gubor1516552285eAnwo1516552285ttive1516552285L@sne1516552285rhaj1516552285
 Field Safety Officer Dave Stewart  215-639-6243 gro.s1516552285gubor1516552285eAnwo1516552285ttive1516552285L@tra1516552285wetsd1516552285

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